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[Book] Jean Stark on Chains

Hi Alan, Is it possible to have more about Jean
Stark’s book. Editor and ISBN please.

Vincent Guy Audette
Quebec City

“Classical Loop-In-Loop Chains… and their derivatives” by
Jean Reist Stark & Josephine Reist Smith, Publisher Chapman &
Hall, ISBN0-412-07881-3

Available through Amazon or

hope this helps,
Gail Selig

Jean Stark’s book is called Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and
their derivatives. It has 34 projects with lists of supplies and
tools for each. It is softbound with 190 pages. It is available
from Rio (1-800-545-6566) for $44.95.

In my opinion this book is excellent. The instructions and
illustrations make these projects very easy to understand.

Alan Revere