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[Book] Handmade chain


Hi Orchidians, Many months ago there was discussion on a book being
released about handmade chain, different styles, techniques etc.
Anyone recall whom the author was and possibly the name of the book,
this would be very helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Brent, I don’t know if this was the book in question, but I bought a
nice booklet with 25 hand-made chain patterns that I found very

Chain Making
Robert W McOmber
P.O. Box 3113
Midway, WA  98032



Jeannie McCannich sells a large spiral bound book on step by step
chain making, Rio Grande handles it. As well Jean Starks chain making
book should be re-published this spring, Tim McCreight’s Brynmorgen
press is handling it I think… Charles

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada


Hi Brent,

Here’s another good chain book: ‘Great Wire Jewelry’ by Irene From
Peterson, ISBN 1-57990-093-3. It’s available from Lark Books in
Ashville NC. They’ve got a web site ( , I think). Dave


I don’t think the book was actually ever named. Someone said they
had a reference at home, but I don’t recollect it being posted.
Anyway, I encountered the book last summer and would highly recommend
it. It was originally published in Denmark where Nils Loveschal tells
us chainmaking is presently a trendy hobby.

“Great Wire Jewelry” by Irene From Peterson, ISBN 1-57990-093-3

Available from Lark Books <>.


may be talking about the one by Jan Wunsch. She teaches alot of
workshops and her book is a collection of the items she teaches. It
was just republished. Available thru the Wild Acres School in North
Carolina and you could check with Rio Grande too to see if they have
it. Good Luck, Suzanne


Peterson’s and Stark’s chain making books are very good, but the
spiral bound book in question I believe is “CHAIN MAKING LINK BY
LINK” by Jeanne Jerovsek-Mcaninch. I purchased it from Rio last May
for $35.00.



Suzanne, Just to set the record straight, the book to which you are
referring is "Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and Their Derivatives"
for which Jan Wunch did some samples. But the authors were Jean
Reist Stark and Josephine Reist Smith. The company that published
the book went out of business after the first printing was sold out,
so it has not been available for over a year and a half. However, it
is being republished and will be out in November or December. Jan
Wunsch was a student of Jean’s at Wildacres, a yearly weeklong
workshop in the mountains of NC, where she learned how to make these
chains, but Wildacres has no connection to the book. Jan has become
a superb chainmaker but the book is based on the work that Jean Stark
has done with this ancient technique.


KNEW that. Jan teaches some wonderful workshops here in Florida and I
CONSTANTLY confuse the two. One of the first signs of my "old age"
creeping thru!! My humblest apologies to Jean Stark and to anyone who
read my mistake! Wish I could have been lucky enough to have taken
the class at Wild Acres. On another note, there is another book of
chainmaking I have seen recently, but can’t remember where (old age
again?) I will scour thru my material and see if I can find it again.
Could it have been in Indian Jewelers Catalog???
Thanks again for setting me straight!, Suzanne