[Book] Design Language: Interpretive Edition

Hi all,

Just got this notice about a new book from Tim. the original Design
language, a labor of love from Tim. The original is really
interesting, Tims thoughts on design etc. this new one promises to
be more accessible than the earlier version. best Charles

"Brynmorgen Press is pleased to announce the publication of “Design
Language: Interpretive Edition” by Tim McCreight. This book is an
expanded version of McCreight’s compact textbook “Design Language,”
published in 1996. This tenth year anniversary edition uses some of
the same text, but accompanies it with scores of high quality
photographs of objects and artworks that help readers learn about
the fundamental ingredients of design. Here is an excerpt from the

Everything that is made is the result of design. Whether you are
whittling a tent stake or planning a cathedral, you will face
questions of size, materials, and shape. In every case, some choices
are better than others, and in special cases, the decisions are so
very good that they result in objects and images that take our
breath away. You can see sample pages at the Brynmorgen Press website
at http://Brynmorgen.com and buy the book through online and local

Design Language: Interpretive Edition
Softcover, 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
136 pages, full color throughout
ISBN 1-929565-17-6