[Book] Chasing - by Marcia Lewis

Hello everybody, I am looking for a book about chasing. The only
one I got to know of is the one by Marcia Lewis. Unfortunately,
Amazon.com says it is no longer available. I live in Germany and
that seems to make the thing even more difficult. Could anybody
help me? Thanks in advance. Michael

Hi Michael. I just spoke to Marcia Lewis regarding her book. She is
preparing a revised second edition of her book which should be ready
sometimes this fall. However, she has some copies of her first
edition available for sale. Contact her directly at
larmarprod@aol.com. Best wishes to all from sunny California.
Mimi Grabis

Hi Michael, Marcia Lewis is a professor at Long Beach City College
(California). The college’s website is http://www.lbcc.cc.ca.us.
Her phone number there is (562)938-4318. She probably has e-mail
through the college, but none was listed. Most addresses appear to
be the first initial of the first name and then the last name
followed by the schools address: my guess is MLewis@lbcc.cc.ca.us
Regards, Mia