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[Book] Chasing - by Marcia Lewis


Hello everybody, I am looking for a book about chasing. The only
one I got to know of is the one by Marcia Lewis. Unfortunately, says it is no longer available. I live in Germany and
that seems to make the thing even more difficult. Could anybody
help me? Thanks in advance. Michael


Hi Michael. I just spoke to Marcia Lewis regarding her book. She is
preparing a revised second edition of her book which should be ready
sometimes this fall. However, she has some copies of her first
edition available for sale. Contact her directly at Best wishes to all from sunny California.
Mimi Grabis


Hi Michael, Marcia Lewis is a professor at Long Beach City College
(California). The college’s website is
Her phone number there is (562)938-4318. She probably has e-mail
through the college, but none was listed. Most addresses appear to
be the first initial of the first name and then the last name
followed by the schools address: my guess is
Regards, Mia