[Book] Chains by Becky

To Spider,

What wonderful service you offer. I ordered Becky’s book as soon as
I saw you had it, now I do, thank you.

Now a brief review of this book. I see a continuance of excellence
here, that runs in the family. Helen Goga was the Editor of Wire
Artist Jewelry, an exquisite magazine that sadly is no more although
back issues are still available, and should be in your library.

Becky is Helen’s daughter, and a delight. I have known them for
several years and consider them good friends. I saw Becky’s interest
in chain making develop. Many of the Chains in Ray Grossman’s Jump
Ringer Ads were done by Becky.

This book is excellent. Yes, some of the weaves are offered
elsewhere, but not as clearly demonstrated. There are weaves new to
me and I will have fun making them. The tutorials are picture clear
and way easy to follow.

My compliments to Becky for a great addition to my personal library.
I do recommend this book.

Thanks to Spider for making it happen.

Can you provide on where to purchase the book “Chains By
Becky”? Publisher and isbn number would be helpful.

Howard Siegel
Laptique, ltd.

Chains By Becky
ISBN 0978028503
Publisher wirejeweler.com

I do not know whether Orchid or Amazon carry this book yet.


Hello Howard,

You can find this book in spider’s website

Kind regards,
Oya Borahan