Bonsai shears

Desperate for a christmas gift, my husband immediately ordered me a
pair of the bonsai shears spoken of on Orchid. As they only offer 2nd
day shipping at $6 + they even arrived in time.

I can cut very short (maybe 1/2") curves with the shears in 18 ga.
copper. Maybe I’m not strong enough to cut more, but these won’t be
the answer to my quest. I think if you are cutting silver or copper
that is 20 ga. or thinner they would be more appropriate. A handy
tool for the jeweler, but probably not for someone wanting to make
long smooth curves in sheet copper.


I cut long curves in Metal with my Bonsai shears,mainly silver. and
anything else I have to cut within reason, Flex those muscles,Karen
or you didn’t get the right shears. Come on up to Maine and we’ll
try it together,Louise