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Bonny Doon Precision Saw Frame for RT Die cutting

Well, as soon as I finally saved the money to buy one of the Bonny
Doon Precision Saw Frames, Rio Grande ran out of them and, of course,
with Bonny Doon Engineering in retirement there will be no more. If
anyone knows of one for sale, I’d appreciate hearing about it. If
not, maybe one will appear on Ebay some day! Thanks, Ginny S.

Hi Ginny,

the Bonny Doon Precision Saw Frames If anyone knows of one for sale, 

I don’t know of any for sale, but I use the tilted base of a tabletop
bandsaw set to the angle i want so the steel of the die sits at the
correct angle and then I saw upright and freehand with my jewellers
saw- works well for me. There seems to be a number of larger tools
that have built in adjustable angle bases, just a suggestion,

Christine in Sth Australia

I believe Phil Poirer has bought out Bonny Doon. He’s in Taos, NM and
has a web site. You might check that out.

there are also alternatives that are not the RT copyrighted system,
but are the same thing…Rosenthal supply sells em, Contenti sells
it, and a few other jewelers suppliers as well. I think even Dick
Blick has a non rt system…and they turn up on ebay often…beware
though there is a seller that sells onlya photocopied book and
instructions for the RT blanking system…so read your descriptions
well on ebay.