Bombing a piece of black jade with magnatite inclusions

Peter and T.P.Dooley, A friend of mine, would like to know what
would happen if one were to bomb a piece of black jade with magnatite
inclusions while some high karat gold was in the container. Would any
of the gold be deposited onto the magnatite in the reaction?
Thanks, Peter Slone

Peter, The answer is yes. We have seen it done down here. Looks quite
attractive. Teresa

Hi Guys: To be safe I would mask the stone to keep the reaction
away… I would think that it would do something to the magnatite and
may deposit it on the gold… better safe than sorry…(Ringman)
John Henry

Hello Peter!

I would hope some chemistry buffs would help you with this one! My
guess would be no, however. If you are trying to deposit gold,
intentionally on the jade, there are electroplating methods to
accomplish this. I am sure someone will offer the list of
necessities. I can’t help but think of the bother you would have; for
just one piece? The ethics are also a good question. I know I didn’t
help. Tim

I have never bombed the magnetite. I have, however, put a flash plate
to it. Worked just fine. In my limited bombing experience, I haven’t
noted any “24 k plating” taking place. Just a healthy stripping. Just
my experience.