Bolo slide/clasp

I need help in making a sterling silver bolo slide/clasp for large stones set in a bezel setting. Any suggestions - photos or drawings are always helpful.

These are what is commerically available but they should be easy enough to cut from plate.
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Thank you, Don -


Why re-invent the wheel? Rio Grande has a few different tension slides for bolos made out of nickel silver. You have to be careful not to overheat them when soldering or they will lose their temper.


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Don…I recall Dad doing something like the attached picture. I don’t remember how well it worked. It allows you to use handmade silver components rather than machine made base metal…Rob



Thank you, Don. I like the design. I am having problems with commercially made bolo slides/clasps – they have a tendency to chew/dent the bolo cord. Hence, I’m trying to design my own.

I have one of a couple of Dad’s bolos each with a different mechanism. I’ll post those when I have time to pull them out. My bolos have always had a set up similar to your photo except the two guides are loose on one side so they can be closed down for a friction fit.

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This is a slide my Dad made in the 40’s. It is pretty simple and it was originally on a piece of latigo boondoggle. Friction was the means of locking it tight to the lanyard.

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I like this design – thank you, Don.

Traditional slides for chains were lined with cork, which produces an even pressure without crushing the chain. You might try lining part of the slide with a fabric with a strong nap, like the stuff used in lint removers. This should keep the slide from sliding down the cord, but still allow it to be removed. Of course, it would be best to design it in a way that allows for adjustment for different diameters of cord.

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