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Boji Stone

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me to find the ownwer of the trademark : ’ BOJI

thank you, Richard, Quebec City


Follow this link to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It
gives the US trademark owners.

Here is the website that Karen Gillespie, one of the owners, uses:

Hope this helps!

Lucy Ludwig

All you have to do is a brief search on the web I usually find that
google is best (

Here is your answer

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Richard -

Per their listing in the 2000 Lapidary Journal Buyers Directory: 

Boji Alive Stones Box 2 Utica, KS 67584 785-391-2509

You should be able to contact them with this

Jim Small
Small Wonders

Richard in Quebec City,

I typed in [“boji stone” trademark] on google and got several links
to pages with the line “Boji Stone is the copywritten and registered
trademark for concretion stones which are found in Colorado.” (It may
be trademarked, but I doubt it’s registered.) I clicked on one of the
ads that popped up with the links and, although it’s a lawyer site, it
looks informative. Maybe this will lead you in the right direction:
Christine in Littleton, MA, USA where it’s warming up and the snow’s

    Can anyone help me to find the ownwer of the trademark :  ' BOJI

Richard, YES! I can help! The trademark “BOJI” is owned by Karen
Gillespie. She used to live in Denver, Colorado, but now she lives in
Kansas. near where Bojis are found. I don’t have her actual address in
hand, but I think I can get it if you want to make contact with her.
let me know - I also know that she actively protects her trademark,
so if you want to deal in Bojis, you will have to go through her. Hope
this helps, and let me know if you need her address. later,

p.s. if you are just looking for info, maybe I can help with that
also, contact off list

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO
970 669-7075-