BMC #7 locking pliers

Hi all. In the September issue of the MJSA Journal, there is an
article called “Hold It”. It features another Orchidian, John de
Rosier, who touted the benefits of an antique tool- the BMC #7
parallel-jaw locking pliers. I immediately jumped on the internet and
found a pair for $15. The seller said they were made circa 1910, but
I think they have been made a little later. Whatever the date, these
things are FANTASTIC! I have a pair of the more expensive but similar
German pliers he mentions, and I like these much better. They’re very
easy to open, close and adjust on the fly with one hand. I can’t
imagine why no one makes these any more- they’re my new favorite
tool! Thanks, John!


I know nothing about them, but check out:

VG6000BK The ViperGrip 6-Inch 2-in-1 Self-Adjusting and Locking
Pliers I think they are similar, they do not have smooth jaws, on they have jaw protectors, some sites say they come
with protective covers for the jaws, but that is not listen ob Amazon
which has the lowest price, $9.99. They also have a needle nose
style. Has anyone used these?

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

Also check the new Stanley 85-610 MaxGrip Locking Adjustable Wrench.
I found them several places on a Google search, including
Stanleytools dot com

well who ever wrote about the pliers /wrench parallel locking jaws
thank you i just found a couple on line and purchased and received
them,and will be using them to see how well they work, on first look
they are a bit rough, but very well made and held together for so
many years, I looked under the antique section of tools and
collectibles. (1940s). I think they will work fine for rough work,
and maybe with a little tweaking or exchanging of the one jaw I may
be able to pull off some more precision or delicate work with them. I
use the Swiss (Burgeon)made locking parallel pliers,which are
fantastic, but at a $150.00 + I was looking for a second pair and
seemed price had gone up too much. I had paid 80.00 for mine in 19
hundreds. it sure is a shame that this company does not exist any
longer, they made some very nice pliers, if these were brand new I
probably would not have to do any thing to them to work in precision
work. any way I just wanted to thank whomever out there it was for
the info and also to Orchid making it all possible.

Hratch Babikian