Blythe enamels

Hello all,

I have always used Blythe enamels of Johnson & Matthey with wery
good results. Until some years ago I could have them in small
quantities and freshly ground at the Italian partner of the same
company. Now this is no more possible because, even if these enamels
are still manufactured (fortunately !), they are available through
the same partner both in powder (series 263) and in lumps (series
262) only in a minimum quantity of Kg. 5 each type, which is too
much for me.

In Italy the supplying of lumps form enamel is a big problem. Can you
suggest me where I can find, in Europe or somewhere else, suppliers
who can provide me with the Blythe enamels of J&M even in smaller
quantities (1/2 Kg.) lumps form for every single type ? Thanks to all
of you in advance

Mariano from Italy

There are two good suppliers of Blythe enamel in the UK. Both
provide stock in both lump and powder form in small quantities by
mail order.

Milton-bridge manufacture their own enamels and glazes as well as
supplying Blythe. There website is but
their catalogue is more informative than the website and you should
email them for a copy.

The second supplier is a supplier of a range of enamelling products,
tools enamels etc. their website is . They also
publish a catalogue. If you need any further please
contact me

mike in UK