looking for a formula for bluegold, anything new out there?

looking for a formula for bluegold 

Yeah I posted a while ago asking the same thing, rumour has it that
a lab in England is producing for limited clients as part of a market
test phase.

Other than that get out the Aluminium mate :wink:

Taylor in Toronto

Hi…I am interested in blue gold also. if you come scross a source
i would be interested. please forward any info , i would be very
appreciative. Thanks. alexia from michigan USA


Unlike the purple gold discussions recently on Orchid, I believe I
once read that blue gold is actually not a color achieved in a gold
mix but is actually a tint that is easily removed from the surface.

The alloy that is used would be cobalt.

Greg DeMark
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Hello Alexia, So far haven’t had much response. Seems there is a
formula but after its made you can not work it. I have never seen
any yet,


hi alexia I can tell you speaking of the blue gold, there are 2
brevets one Swiss and one Italian all the 2 exist the same
principle, it have a league of white gold with some iron and it is
oxidized by the heat and does it take that blue color the problem it
is that if you is ruled the white it appears therefore on objects in
plate they apply a type of transparent varnish that him glassed so
more solid, thing no possible makes it on objects to wire, because
the brevet and the working it is expensive. I wish me to have been
useful, it is possible to know why it interests yourself?

Hi Gerard

looking for a formula for bluegold  

I had some blue gold made up (gold and indium) and the color was
very disappointing. It’s blue the same way that green gold is green
– visible only after six or seven stiff Tequila’s

The local jewelers also sell black gold jewellery here in St
Maarten, and the salesman will tell you with a face as bland as a
pan of goats milk that the black color goes all the way through. It
does not; it is only black rhodium plating. A little birdy told me
that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader both know of a supplier in a
galaxy, far, far away. I think we should gang together and ask for
the franchise.

Hans Meevis

gerald…i create my own custum jewelry and have used rose gold and
peach gold in the past. I thought blue gold would be a solid blue
color throughout. Thanks for your reply. Regards, alexia.