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Blue Stones

If not, is there a blue stone that can fade in the dark, and looks
like blue chalcedony? 

This is just a wild shot in the dark set off by associating a couple
of things I know to be true. There are transparent-to-translucent
common opals (no play of color) that occur in wonderful blue hues.
I’ve mined them myself. Opal contains varying amounts of water, with
stable opals containing about 6% according to opal expert Len Cram.
Most of the blue opal I’ve seen is more hydrated than that, drying
out and turning opaque white in a period of weeks or months when
exposed to the air.

A safe deposit box is the world’s worst place to store opal of any
kind. The air inside is carefully controlled to eliminate humidity in
order to protect currency, stock certificates, etc. from
moisture-caused deterioration. Even stable opal needs a certain
amount of atmospheric moisture to allow rehydration as it slowly
loses water day to day. But keeping it in a bank box not only
deprives it of its water source but accelerates dehydration. I’ve
heard many sad stories of valuable opals crazing after being stored
in banks.

I’ve seen stable blue opals, some even with play of color. It’s
possible they were used in your piece. I’m assuming the stones are
cabochons because blue chalcedony isn’t normally faceted. Just one
possibility to check out.

Rick Martin

Hi… Apparently you have never seen gem quality calchadoney. I have
some that I have faceted and it is opaque. The reason for faceting
is to get the play of color to intensify and it is very much a stone
that needs to be oriented. if you would like to see a faceted
stone, contact me by e-mail… Ringman

Ringman, The correct spelling is chalcedony…cryptocrystalline
quartz. I’ve been cutting this material for many years, both the
famous Ellensburg Blue popularized by Tiffany’s in the sixties, and,
more recently, the Namibian product. I’ve never seen opaque material,
unless it’s junk. All of the material I’ve ever dealt with was
translucent to nearly transparent. And why would it require
orientation? Since it is not a monocrystalline material anyway, and
quartz is not pleochroic, why would one orient the rough? The color
of the Namibian material is deep and even in all directions,
orienting is meaningless.You mention “play of color”, but chalcedony
has no “play of color” only opal exhibits play of color. Could you
be confused about the correct use of these gemological terms? Some
chalcedonies, when cut in fairly thin flat sections do show what is
called the “Iris effect”, but it’s rare. Maybe I’m confuserated.

Wayne Emery
Jewelry Design Studio

Hi: When I spoke I should have said color orientation, my friends and
I have been calling it the color play for years… my mistake, the
chalcedony, excuse me for my bad spell check, perhaps you have yet
to see the opaque material that has good blue color? I agree that
’’‘gem’’’ grade blue is transparent and hard to find. The best
turtleback is totally opaque, So I think you also need to do some
research, I support America and those that try to involve our own
resources to make their jewelry! I have been hunting and cutting
blue for 25 years so I guess your the expert! The blue chalcedony I
saw at the gem show was my c grade equal. the blue is deposited in
layers so if you don’t cut it orientated to the layer it tends to
gray somewhat. Besides I prefer some of the pastel blues. Truly they
do react to temperature and humidity change… Ringman

    Besides I prefer some of the pastel blues. Truly they do react
to temperature and humidity change... Ringman 

Hello, You can see beautiful blue chalcedony carvings and information
about the stones used in If you go to my site you can get to the blue
chalcedony page by clicking to the “blue chalcedony” you can see
Turkish blue chalcedony. They don’t use the yahoo email address
anymore. If you like to inquire you can send them an email by using email address. Turkish blue chalcedony is
rather lighter in tone but sometimes you can see very dark blue like
the one I’m holding in my hand. Kind regards from Turkey, Oya Borahan

<< >> here is some of my blue… I
have much better than this … the stone has not been enhanced
either by dye or digital… And that’s not even close to my best
stuff. heck I have a 900 LB boulder. I’ll be cutting for a long
time, Perhaps some time i will send a photo of a material we get
here " it’s called dragon flesh

The wonderful deep blue of the stone in your hand at your web site
at is the same color that
the stones in my necklace used to be. Thanks to you and all the
others who responded for your help. Dian DV