Blue Fuse granulation flux dried out

I have bottle of Blue Fuse that’s dried out. Anyone know what liquid can be added to bring it back to life again.

I’d suggest distilled water. Its basically a copper compound and an organic substance. The basics of granulation. You can make your own you know using a copper compound (maybe root kill) and an organic compound. Basically, you need a source of free copper to form an eutectic alloy … and an organic compound containing copper to reduce the copper when heated. I bet there is a “make yer own” post on ganoskin … but I’m too lazy to search for it. That said … I’d not dump a mess of water into the jar … I have had to rehydrate solder, handy flux, etc … and it just seems to work better to take out a bit and rehydrate it to the proper consistency on a Petri dish or something. Just my experience, other may have opinions.

And … if anyone has any brilliant ideas how to use paste solder in the syringe after it hardens up … I’d be interested :). Just cut the tube open??? I mix a dab of batterns type flux into the stuff I have in a big jar of solder I have for standard sterling and that works … but I have these tubes I bought for argentium and karat golds that are drying up … I don’t like paste flux much and only use it in certain situations … so I don’t end up using much before it drys out. I’m just wondering if I can make it as I need it … but have no idea how to get metal that fine to make a paste.

Blue Fuse was invented by enamelist Lillian Jones. Her website has a contact section. Here is the address: Contact — Lillian Jones Designs

And here is her Etsy store: BluefuseStore - Etsy

I’ve seen her on Sandra McEwen videos and she seems very approachable. Bet she’d be happy to help.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I just contacted Lillian a second time. The first time about 2 weeks ago got no response. Thank you.

Lillian confirmed to just add a little water, with a penny in the jar, and then shake it up. Thanks everyone for the help.

klyr fire is what to add to this as it’s not a specific ratio of cupric acetone … distilled water could probably loosen it up in a pinch as well. Sandra made a video showing how to make it. Lillian Jones and Sandra McEwen both sell it through Etsy.

whoOps - cupric acetate

Could I use copper carbonate? I have a bunch of it laying around.