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"blue flash" moonstone

I recently bought something called “blue flash” moonstone. Very, very
clear and needs to be on an oxidized or blackened backing to show up
the blue flash. It was fairly expensive, what is it – moonstone or
what? I’d love to know. Thanks, Rebeca

Rebeca, “Blue Flash Moonstone” is another of the feldspars. There
are probably many sources, but some of the best used to come out of
the old Rutherford mine near Amelia, VA. Dug there a couple of times
back in the late 80s early 90s and got some really nice stuff. There
was also another source of spar with a bluish/gray flash with a
grayish matrix near King’s Dominion just off Rt 95 in VA. Cheers, Don
at The Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS fine jewelry.

Hi, Its natural moonstone All right, The best blue moonstones in the
world come from the mines in Mittiyagoda in Southern Sri Lanka. As a
fellow Orchidian very rightly said they don’t come large sizes most
pieces are the size of Quarters.

Moonstones come in may shades and characteristics , peach , cats eye
, Blue , Rainbow and many more , All are natural ( Not too sure if
they are making synthetics now ) but most are fairly inexpensive .

I Do have a few samples of LARGE and Small Stones Please see

Ahmed Shareek

You have Rainbow Moonstone there, a type of Feldspar. It’s basically
white - to - clear with a beautiful blue fire, and, yes, it does show
up better against a dark background. Depending on quality and cut, the
price can vary considerably. Have fun with it! Margery Epstein

I checked with one of my suppliers of both rainbow and blue sheen
moonstone. She claims that the blue sheen material is from a different
mine in India than the rainbow material and that it is actually
moonstone and not spectrolite.

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