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Blue-black tiger eye - dyed

people - the ‘skin’ of tigereye rough that has been dyed will have the
dye on it - just like dyed agate material. the genuine blue tigereye
(hawkeye), mostly from africa, is a beautiful material. dying
involves acid bleaching, etc. a lot of trouble to go to for something
that can be gotten in the natural colors; mostly it seems to be one
of those ‘see if i can do it’ projects. there is also a natural
combination of gold & blue as well as a dark blue version. one of the
easiest ways to tell dyed from not dyed when there’s no ‘skin’ is a
blurred demarcation of the color across the vertical wavy ‘hairs’. in
the genuine material the color will be along those ‘hairs’. i have
not seen as much of the blue dyed material as the dyed red. there is
natural red material. i have several kilos of old, old stock all
natural colors of tigereye material.