Blu-Stic 3D cloisonne enameling problems

Dear fellow enamelists,

I have been experimenting on and off with a product from Thompson
Enamel, Inc. called “Blu-Stic”. Proposed to be the ultimate in 3D
enameling with cloisonne, it will hold cloisons on vertical and even
inverted surfaces while firing. While this substance does do the job,
I have had several problems with it. First, it likes to create little
sparks and explosions even when fully dried before firing. Second,
those little sparkings cause the wires to fall sideways (if the wire
is straight or slightly curved) or move completely out of place.
Thirdly, Even when the stuff doesn’t spark, flame, or sputter during
firing, it leaves a dark mark in transparent enamels, and turns the
cloisons black. Am I simply using this product wrong, or are these
common problems with it? Is there something better I can use to keep
cloisons on a vertical to 45 degree or inverted surface? It is
becoming increasingly important to my work to have a product like
this, but I really don’t like the failure and imperfection rate of
Blu-Stic so far. I would appreciate any help or advice on the

Anna Brumbaugh

Anna, what does Thompson say about this. I was thinking about this
product but until you get some answers I will wait. Thank you for
bringing this to our attention.

Leslie C. Welfare


Try Lilly Root powder available from

This should solve the problem.
Vera Meyer

Thanks all for your helpful suggestions!

Lily Root Powder is what my professor had originally told me to use,
and my preferred substance, but I couldn’t find it for the longest
time, so thank you for that link. I’ve also been thinking about
soldering the cloisons on, so hearing that other people do that as a
common practice is comforting to know. I always felt like it was
cheating in a way, but why would it be? It keeps everything firmly in
place! I’ll experiment with that as well. Finally, I have not had the
chance to call Thompson’s and disccus the problems with them yet.
Enamelwork Supply Co., who also sells the stuff, had no idea about
the problems with the product, and did not know what to do about
them. I will call Thompson’s some time this week and post their reply
here. If they have a solution I will personally experiment with it
and let everyone know if it works. Thank you again for the help! I
appreciate it!

Sincerely, Anna


Did you put enamel on top of the Blu Stick before it was fired? If
so, it will definitely leave a mark. It has to be fired before you
can cover the area with enamel or else it won’t burn off.

Donna Buchwald