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Blogs by jewelers?

Now that I have a blog, I read other blogs more than I ever did
before. One thing I’ve noticed is there aren’t many – or I’m not
finding them – blogs by metalsmiths and jewelers.

Is this true?

Do any of you have blogs, or favorite blogs by metalsmiths/jewelers?

I know about Trevor’s Argentium blog, which is great.

There are quite a number of beaders blogs.

If there aren’t many, I wonder why? Are all the metalsmiths too busy
making and selling?

All Things Metal Clay Blog


I found this blog today in an email from the Revere Academy. An
interesting and friendly blog that I just read for the first time


Speaking of blogs, I have one as well at, which I started as a way
of networking with other artists, as well as giving customers (and
friends and family) an insight into my world. It’s been pretty fun,
and a lot of artists have blogs now. I also feature other artists on
my blog and point to their websites. It definitely helps to have yet
another form of “word of mouth”!

Catherine Chandler

A couple of comments, certainly biased by me— I think blogs for
jewelers are a very fine thing. I personally avoid blogs like the
plague, though. The reasons are various, starting with the fact that
most blogs I’ve encountered are “I got up, I fed my cat…” I
clicked on a couple of the links posted in this thread and looked at
the scroll bar at the right of the window - it was about 1/4" high,
which means it’s a page about 6 feet long. There’s nothing
inherently wrong with blogs, it’s often the way people use them. Any
decent web site has navigation that takes you to discrete,
manageable, desirable pages that have what you want to know or see.
A great many blogs just dump scrambled eggs on a huge page, and then
have links to last week’s scrambled eggs, to boot… It’s just to
point out that getting traffic to your site, whether it be web
server or blog, involves planning and clear thought, and clear
directions for the visitor to click on. I have an aversion to blogs
that’s borne of experience, and I’m not alone - that’s a prejudice
that a good blog could overcome, but it’s there. Blogs came out of a
personal diary kind of situation - pretty much the original
facebook, and a business app is going to have to do things to
overcome that. My bias, for sure, but’s it’s there none the less