Blender beginning tutorials

Hi I’m Mark
and I’ve loaded Blender 3D 3.0 on my Mac Air

I made the basic ring design from the mesh-torus shape tutorial on YouTube.
I’d like a great step by step way to alter the shape
I played a bit with the sculpting and molding section of the program

I changed a setting and lost the original settings and now I’m struggling to find the little drop down menu that originated in the bottom left which enables one to change the major radius measurements
I am able to find the XY coordinates with the toolbar on the right side except they are not the same as what I had before to adjust the major radius

And in changing the default settings I now have the XYZ color moving handles on the default cube
and can’t delete it out of the way so I’ve jus moved it out of my work space to start a ring

I tried to follow one video on YouTube except it went too fast or left some steps out for giving the ring a background of marble to sit on and as well material and a stone for the ring

Last I saw something called side-cart? That joins the iPad which was a struggle to sync with the Mac air so I can utilize my Apple Pen in the design work

I know this seems like a lot because I’ve just been diving in head 1st and it’s easy to burn out
However I felt great creating a basic ring shape with the torus tool

Thank you to anyone who may have some great tips and known videos on YouTube

Now 76, I was forced to give up metalsmithing in central London due to losing my workshop premises after redundancy three years ago. Instead, I turned to digital art, and know a little bit about Blender.

However the advice I feel competent to offer is; don’t use YouTube for tutorials; use a video downloader (I use Applian) to ensure that you have a permanent copy on one of your own drives. You can then play it back (using VLC or whatever) as many times as required without further use of bandwidth, and, more importantly, replay tricky sections at reduced speed! I’ve found it essential for being able to pick up some of the trickier details from YouTube etc videos.

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