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Blaine Lewis Setting Video

Anyone out in Orchid land looking for an instructional setting video
should DEFINITELY purchase the Blaine Lewis flush setting tapes.
This is no ordinary 45 minute video with views of the work that are
too difficult to see. This video is absolutely unbelievable.
Everything about the video is state of the art. It has magnified views
of the work being taught as well as mind blowing animation that makes
you understand what is happening to the metal and the stones while you
are setting them. This video is unlike anything out there on the
market today. Not only does it have extensive magnified views and
animation but he goes into full detail on how to make specialized
tools for setting colored stones that make scratching and chipping
colored stones a thing of the past. Also with this video you get
practice mountings and stones to try exactly what you just watched. I
have been in the jewelry manufacturing business for 12 years now and I
have never seen an instructional video that goes this far into depth.
This video is truly state of the art! Purchase a copy, you will not be
disappointed… Call your tool supplier or call Blaine Lewis himself at
the New Approach School for jewelers.

Marc Williams

Hiya Marc,

I concur! I’ve watched the new Blaine Lewis video on Bezel and Flush
Setting and it is truly remarkable. Techniques are clearly presented
through close-up photography (the quality of which is light years
ahead of any other jewelry video I’ve seen) and computerized diagrams
and video sequences.

Here’s what I like best about this tape: it’s equally valuable for
both beginners and experienced stone setters.

For beginners it teaches you why you are doing things in the manner
prescribed. So beginners walk away with a real grasp of the concepts
behind the techniques. It all makes sense so it’s easy to remember!

For the more advanced stone setter there are a lot of great ideas
for speeding up your work. These ideas not only do not sacrifice the
quality of your work but enhance it!!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this first Blaine Lewis tape. I am
absolutely delighted with the results and the wait has been worth the

I’ve never attended a Blaine Lewis class in person but have heard
many rave reviews from his students. After watching this videotape,
I now fully understand their enthusiasm.

These tapes are in stock now at Gesswein and other suppliers. They
are available in both North American and European versions.

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
VP Technical Services
Phone: 203-366-5400
Fax: 203-335-0300
Orders: 1-800-544-2043

Hey, thanks Marc for keeping us up to date here on teaching videos.
Appreciate the critique! The only feedback we ever hear on Orchid on
Blaine Lewis’ instruction is extremely positive and from well seasoned
jewelers on the path. I’m very happy to know that his first video is

Thanks for the update, Cynthia

Elaine, contrary to your note, Blaine Lewis Setting Videos are not
available through Gesswein.

I tried to order the Bezel Setting Video from Gesswein today (It’s in
their current catalog) and was told that it is “temporarily
discontinued” whatever that means. I called New Approach in Virginia
and ordered it directly from the school. Mr. Lewis took the order

Gail Middleton

Here is the direct webpage from the New Approach School Site giving
the info the Blaine Lewis Video:

At the bottom of this page, he has a list of suppliers carry the
video and Gesswein is there on the list - along with Rio Grande, GRS
and Frei and Borel. This video can also be ordered directly from his
school - the toll free number from the above webpage is 1-800-529-4763
or by email (through the above site).

Happy Holidays to you’all . . . and Santa knows what is on my list!

Hi BChas,

Your message confused the heck! out of me. So (home today with the
flu) I called Gesswein and was told that the videos were not in
stock. I had spoken with Blaine last week who assured me they’d been
shipped out and indeed they had. I can only assume they were delayed
by the large volume of UPS shipments at this holiday time of year.

At any rate they ARE in stock as of today. I verified this just now.
I’m sorry for the confusion.

I know many orders were placed for these videos and these will be
shipping out today.

But if you should call and they are out of stock again, you might
want to place your order anyway so that when the next shipment comes
in you will be assured of a copy.

Thanks for making me aware of this! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
VP Technical Services
Phone: 203-366-5400
Orders: 1-800-243-4466
Tech Support: 1-800-544-2043

Hi Gail

Same happen to me on Monday of this week, so then I tried Rio
Grande, out of stock. Not due in until January mid to late. I then
ordered from the “horses mouth,” I also spoke to Blaine, it was a
real pleasure. He seemed most disturbed that his “partners” who had
just received orders were still telling customers it was not
available. I am looking forward to my receipt of this video and will
report over the long holiday break.

Seasons Greeting to all of Orchid and a Happy New Year too!

Thank you for such a great forum!

Barb McLaughlin Taylor River Jewelry Design

Just an F.Y.I. Rio Grande does have these videos in stock and has for
a while now. I have been selling them for several weeks. They still
have 30 in stock. The stock number is #560-680 and they can be
reached at 1-800-545-6566.

Phillip Scott GG