Blaine Lewis. Platinum Fabrication

Hello everybody, Well once again I took one a class at New Approach
School for Jewelers with Blaine Lewis, and once again it was to say
the least amazing! I took a four day intensive course on Platinum
Fabrication Plus! I have been to New Approach before to take an
advanced stone setting course so I knew the quality of intstruction I
would recieve. Blaine delivered once again in this 4 day course for
platinum fabrication. We made a three stone trellace ring fabricated
from platinum wire and out in on an 18kt yellow gold shank. Blaine
explains everything in such clear instruction it’s just amazing. His
demos are very infromative and when he is asked questions he doesn’t
hold anything back when answering. The ring you make when finished
can be sold for enough to pay for the class itself(without setting the
stones). But in my opinion the loads of knoweledge I gained in about
the first day paid for the class…Baline Lewis is an a great teacher,
if any of you have seen his Colored stone Bezel setting tapes you know
what I mean. So if anyone is thinking of taking a class wether it be
stone setting or platinum fabrication or any of the other classes he
gives, you will not be dissapointed! Ceck out his website for more
Welcome to New Approach School for Jewelers

Thanks again Blaine… I had a great time!!!
Marc Williams