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Blaine Lewis' New Video

Hello Orchid,

Blaine Lewis just released his latest video. This one is “The Art
of Setting Princess Cuts with Fancy Cut Applications”. Whew, what a
mouthful. Anyway, it has the high quality graphics and camera shots
that have made Blaine famous. In fact, the graphics have been
improved. Blaine goes into great detail on his method of setting
princess cuts. But, the video isn’t just about princess cuts. These
same basic techniques can be used with any fancy cut stone. I took
Blaine’s advanced stone setting class last year and a lot of this was
covered in the class. At night, that week, I would go back to the
motel room and rewrite my notes and drawings from class while they
were fresh in my mind. Watching this tape made me realize how much
I had actually missed in my notes. He’s even changed a couple of
things since then. The video comes complete with mountings, stones,
and burs to cut the seats. Like the first, he added a tool & tip
section at the last of the video.

I feel this video is going to be another hit. It isn’t cheap
($179.00) but it will pay for itself saving one diamond from getting
chipped during setting. You get what you pay for, and that’s a lot.
Not only will this take the quality of your setting to a new level,
it will give you more confidence setting fancy stones.

Full clip from the video ‘The Art of Setting Princess Cuts with
Fancy Cut Applications’ is available from Ganoksin video site. If
you are running MAC OS you might need to install additional CODEC
from microsoft website. In any case here is the link to the video.

Enjoy Hanuman

James S. Cantrell CMBJ