Blacksmithing AND silversmithing schools

Jill wants an intermediate or advanced silversmithing class and
I want an intermediate blacksmithing class at the same folk
school at the same time in the late Spring, Summer or Fall.

Can you help?
Thank you,
Andrew and Jill Morrison
2197 N. Allen Avenue
Altadena, California 91001

ph (626)798-6588
FAX (626)791-0263
e’mail @A_J_Morrison

Have you tried Penland School in North Carolina. They have a
web site at:

I believe their schedule is posted online.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

California State University at Long Beach has a full
jewelry/metalsmithing program and probably the best
blacksmithing facilities in Southern Cal. Dieter Muller-Stach is
the head of the program. He usually offers blacksmithing during
the summer but does accept special studies classes during the year.

Andrew and Jill, You might try John C. Campbell Folk School,
Brasstown North Carolina, they offer both the classes you are
interested in. They will be happy to send a catalog of current
class offerings if you call 1-800-FOLK-SCH and I think their new
web address is , The levels of Jewelry
classes vary with instructor and same with the Blacksmithing.
I’ve Taken both Jewelry and Blacksmithing there and also taught
Enameling several times. It draws top notch Blacksmiths and
Jewelers as instructors, and the scenery (at the entrance of the
Great Smokey Mountain National Park) and people are fantastic.
Its a no pressure no hype kind of place a great place to relax
and learn. there are also others in this area, Penland in North
Carolina and Arrowmont in Gattlinburg Tenn., all top craft

Steve Artz

i suggest you contact jack da silva re blacksmithing and/or
silversmithing workshops… at 510.724.5511. he lives and works
in the san francisco bay area. good luck… mj

For about 3 years I taught a blacksmithing course at Southern
Illinois University at Carbondale. They now offer a Master of
Fine Arts degree in blacksmithing. Some of my former students
are teaching current workshops at, I believe, Appalachian
Center. I’d have to check. But to cut to the chase, if you’re
at all interested in Blacksmithing, you simply MUST check out
the Artist Blacksmiths Association of America at
They have excellent links to other info sites too.

David L. Huffman