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Blackening Agent

I am looking for the type of blackening agent (not liver of sulfur)
that is wiped over the surface of a piece. The excess is immediately
removed with a cloth, leaving black to dry in the crevices. The
substance has a paint-like consistency and comes premixed. The name
of the product and distributor would be much appreciated.

I think that black acrylic paint can be used, but is the real
product better? Thanks!

Margery F. Cooper
Narberth, PA

We use Background Antique. It is available in 3 colors. You can
purchase it from Gesswein Company, 800-243-4466.

I have used Stove Polish made by Rutland Products on brass and
copper and it works great. It should work on other metals like
silver. It’s an inky black polish for cast iron stoves. I use a
brush to apply it and then wipe it off where I don’t want it. Once
it’s dry you can hand buff it or not. It’s wax so it’s fairly
durable. I bought a tube at a store that sells fireplaces and
accessories and I paid about $5.00 for a 5.5 oz tube. Rutland
Products tel # is 800-544-1307 or 802-775-5519. They

are located in Virginia.
Good Luck,

Hi I believe what YOU ARE REFERING TO IS OR WAS CALLED Aulsol and if
memory serves it was a Vigor Product, it was available in Black, and
a dark green it came in two bottles, one with the paint and one which
was a solvent to help clean it off the highlited areas of the piece