Black wire

Can anyone tell me if there is a black wire for jewelry construction
other than craft wire? I am looking for something more durable and
that the color won’t come off. My objective is to incorporate some
old buttons that are half black and I want to use the black wire. I
am doing a google search but thought all the experience here may be
more successful.


you could oxidise some silver wire to a deep black with liver of
sulphur. There is a product called Jax Black, available from many
vendors that is applied to a variety of wires, i believe, other than
precious (copper, brass, etc. for instance) although silver may be
acceptable- you would have to check it out (i don’t use the stuff
but have seen it at a friend’s studio) but i do know it’s more
permanent than most coated products that are on the market and
doesn’t scratch off easily if at all with normal wear. As for solid
black wire, iron binding wire (dead soft as found in hardware stores,
etc.) is the only black wire I can think of but the processing but it
would have to be work hardened and then there’s the fact it’s iron!
J. L Collier makes some fantastic jewellery in mixed metals using
iron and other ferrous metals, as do other art metalsmiths, but you
would have to get used to mixing ferrous and non ferrous in
soldering, pickling, etc. as it requires some planning. Other than a
coated aluminium “craft” wire, (but they are quite easily scratched
and marred) that i wouldn’t recommend in any case, oxidising your own
may be the best option. rer


you might consider using black steel wire that you can get at
hardware stores (I get mine from Ace) usually 19 gauge… I
would suggest gently cleaning it prior to use, maybe with Dawn to
degrease… then I quickly spray a lacquer over it to deepen
the black and seal the wire… this is the best solution I’ve
found yet for small jewelry projects that only use small amounts of
truly black wire… good luck!

Lisa Van Herik

Have used stove pipe wire, blackened stainless I believe, for making
chain maille on long drives. Can’t speak for durability, as I threw
it out upon completion. (The making being the therapeutic part- had
no use for steel maille.) Found in Walmarts everywhere.