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Black rhodium plating

Hi All,

We have a customer who purchased a moonstone, diamond and black
rhodium plated sterling silver ring (not from us). She then had it
sized (not by us) and the the jeweler left the silver shank exposed.

Does anyone out there (in the US because we don’t want to ship
overseas) do black rhodium plating?

Thanks very much,

I work with a lot of david yurman. They have a line that is
silverdiamonds & all completely blacked out except for the yellow
gold accents. I’ve found for traditional recessed blacking out to
use Black Max or Griffins silver black. For true black that does not
rub off & is consistent in color throughout, go with good old liver
of sulfur. Make sure you take it outside. Italso stinksthe most out
of all three options.

Black rhodium is for gold & even then it tends to rub off.