Black/gunmetal plating solutions?


I am looking for a source to purchase a type of plating solution that
will give me a gunmetal or shiny black finish. This will be for bath
plating, not pen plating Don’t want to use black rhodium as this
line of jewelry is going to be relatively inexpensive.

I’ve seen mention here and there of “black nickel” or “black
chromium”, but haven’t found anyone yet who carries it. Have tried
Rio, Red Sky and all my other regular tool/equipment suppliers, as
well as looking at several plating web sites, with no luck.

If anyone might be able to point me in the right direction to find a
supplier for a black nickel solution (someone said I shouldn’t
attempt the chromium), I would be most appreciative.



Try these for black nickel info:
Synopses of black coatings on metal, including black nickel
a plating company
How to prepare and design items for successful plating (ncluding black nickel)
Plating company with descriptions of different finishes.
recipes and more (including black nickel)
a plater
plating companies and their capabilities



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