Black Diamonds

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Hello, I am a student at Central acedemy in Des Moines Iowa and I
was hoping that you would help me. I am doing a project on black
diamonds and I can’t find any about them. I would
appreiciate any comments, or web sites you could
send me. Don’t worry, this isn’t braking any guidelines for the
project because we are supposed to contact officials in the
field we are reaserching. Feel free to send objects through the
mail or through e-mail.Thank you in advance.

                         Chase A Huey

Don’t know if this will help any on the black diamonds but it is oddly
interesting …Char


I believe Hematite was marketed as Alaska Black Diamond -
although it is not even close in characteristics to a diamond.
There are darker diamonds but this is not typical.

Hematite is a iron oxide Fe2O3 that takes a nice polish and has
a metallic sheen to it. It is called Hematite from the Greek word
ema (->Hema) which means blood. This from the fact that Hematite
when ground produces a red coloured waste.

Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock

In the jewelery store I work at we received a shipment of
hematite bracelets that were said to be “alaskan black diamonds”.
Perhaps this will help you.

I have been searching for quality black diamonds and have only come
up with one unsatisfactory source. I need them to add to a bracelet.
Stuller does not have them.Your recommendations would be much
appreciated. I can be contacted off line.

Catherine Jewell

all the black diamonds on the market are treated no natural stuff
and if it is rare and very vvery expensive. treated material can get
for 50 to 200 usd per carat depending on surface cleanliness and

let me know if your interested


Hi…Try Francis Love for black diamonds…
for your mermaid quartz…call michael or katherine Caldwell
(brother and sister cutters or bob thomas…All three carry the
quartz with pyrite spangles in them…sorry I don’t have their info
handy. Marianne coral is a touchy subject, now isn’t it? Anyone
else have any feelings about the use of coral? marianne

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all the black diamonds on the market are treated no natural stuff 

Not true at all. There is plenty of natural material available.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140