Black diamonds, the real story

What is the real story about black diamonds ? Are they all treated ?
Are there natural black diamonds? Are they low end of the color and
clarity scale so they treat them and turn them black

Help !

some natural raw crystals are very dark grey to a light black-
nothing like the opaque jet black irradiated/heat treated stuff
permeating the market. raw diamond crystals come in a wide range of
colours from oranges, lime greens, pinks, browns, greys, yellows,
silvers, etc. and shapes from well formed crystals to odd shaped
stones you would never suspect were diamonds if you did not know what
was in the area you are/were digging in. The more perfect, bigger and
evenly coloured the higher the cost… rer

The lowest quality industrial diamonds are called bort or boart and
they are black. many years ago a large black diamond was found that
happened to be the shape of the country it was found in so it was
polished and presented to the nation’s dictator ("emporor"
Bokassa)as a birthday present. He was overjoyed with it and the
diamond producers got away with presenting a piece of worthless tut
as a jewel and so the practice has been carried forward.

The vast majority of black diamonds on the market are
treated/enhanced–under lit magnification they appear dark green or
dark brownish orange. I assume these stones would be otherwise
unmarketable as jewellery without treatment. This treatment is
permanent and safe.

Natural black diamonds are very rare and have a "salt and pepper"
appearance under lit magnification. They look quite different from
the more popular enhanced black diamonds.

Hope this is helpful.