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Black coral a newbee's?

Greetings Being new to your group, I wanted to introduce myself and
ask questions that I am terribly desperate for on… I am
a sculptor who works in bronze and just starting to branch out into
jewelry…lost wax casting…and carving corals

I need to know where it is possible to purchase coral…for carving so
It would need to be in raw material form. All corals but especially
black coral. I need to know if there are proper dealers that provide
these materials. I understand that the material can not be harvested,
but if found can be collected. Can anyone assist me in my search for
coral? kind regards, Maureen Siobhan Riley

Maureen, If you have access to the Lapidary Journal, check the August,
Sept, and Dec 2000 issues for my articles on Florida’s Black Coral.
The Aug feature article tells where it is found, addresses the legal
aspects and provides some about how to process it, as well
as a simple earring project. The Sept issue provides two additional
projects while Dec has about making coral beads. Specific
about tools to use and how to smooth, polish, and form it
did not get into the articles due to space limitations but I would be
pleased to provide to you separately. I also have a modest supply of
material available if you are interested. Pls contact me off line at
@coralnut .

Again, this is about Florida/Caribbean Black Coral
(Gorgonian) NOT Hawaii/South Pacific Black Coral (Antipatharian). The
latter is harder/denser, stone-like and almost impossible to obtain
while the former is a bit softer, horn-like, easier to obtain and
certainly not as expensive. Cheers,

Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine