Black ceramic rings

Does anyone know how to make a black ceramic mens band? Please help,
as I cannot find anything online to instruct me.

Thanks so much!

Now, it depends on what sort of ceramic you have in mind as the term
covers many non-crystalline or cryptocrystalline materials. The
maghematite ceramics are plentiful and will cut and polish quite
easily and are readily available for little cost. You can make a
dense ceramic from a stoneware clay and add manganese oxide to it
and according to the amount, temp and oxidation state you can get a
good black. The same goes with chrome oxide- use too little and the
ceramic will be green. However, stoneware ceramic will probably be a
little too porous and brittle compared to the maghematite version.
You can get other sintered materials that are harder, including
zirconia but tend to only be available to industry in larger

Another alternative is to use a metal band and heat treat it to give
a black surface. The surface treatment can wear so you will need to
choose a material that best fits your design. An enamel filled band
is another alternative.

Nick Royall