[BizTalk] QuickBooks 2010

Been using the newest QuickBooks 2010 for a month and like it.

A few things I’ve picked up from it.

  1. You can scan a document and attached it to a check or bill in
    QuickBooks. It’s saved on their server. 2 megs free after that a
    little for storage per year, Scan a vendors invoice & attached it to
    a bill you entered. never go back to a filing cabinet again.

  2. Vendor (and customer) windows now have if their email address is
    there, click on it and it opens Microsoft Outlook for the email,
    already addressed.

  3. VERY COOL. If you have more than one copy of QuickBooks (you and
    your bookkeeper is in another room), when one logs on a window on
    your computer pops up and says “Mary has logged on”.

In addition, there’s a button you can instant chat/message between
the different QuickBooks that’s open. You can click on “chat with
Mary” and send her an instant message, which she’ll see and respond
back. All within QuickBooks.

  1. Know how Internet Explorer has a FAVORITES icon at the top? Now
    QB has that too. Every single place you could ever go in QB can be
    added to the favorites menu. Just click on the FAVORITES, drop down
    menu has your most used places in QB.

QB Pro is about $149.99 at most office supply stores.

David Geller