[BizTalk] PayPal advice?

Hi All,

I’ve shifted my efforts to online only and have a few PayPal
questions I’m hoping I can get some help on. I’m in the process of
adding a lot more product detail on my website (text, pictures,
drawings, video) with the intent of helping people be more
comfortable with a sight-unseen purchase. I’m offering a 30 day money
back on my “machine finish” designs, but my “hand finished” designs
are semi-custom/more work/more money requiring a down payment. I’m
sure for most customers there will be some email/phone back and forth
whereby I can clarify their exact payments they would manually make
to PayPal, but it would be nice if it were at least possible for a
customer to use “Down-payment"and"Final Payment” PayPal buttons.
Anyone done this or have thoughts on the matter? Also, regarding my
two “machine finish” designs- eventually I’d like to have inventory
within a range of half sizes (I don’t currently). I’ll build this
inventory by doing small runs each time I have an order for a
particular size or have spare machine time. Is a customer clicking
the “Buy Now” button expecting shipment within 24 hours or can I do a
“ships in 1-2 weeks” descriptor and be OK?

Thanks for your help and I apologize if this has been dealt with in
earlier posts (I couldn’t find any).


Jeff, most fine jewelers who choose to sell on Etsy use paypal and
have a way to accept partial payments for their pieces, which never
leave their hands before complete payment is received. Some even say
something like, this is a custom piece and will be shipped to you 21
days after payment is received. You could Check out the Etsy Paypal
forums. I’m constantly amazed at how many engagement rings are sold
on Etsy.


Most customers expect shipping within a few days UNLESS you CLEARLY
state otherwise - and as it is handmade, that is fine and generally

I ALWAYS require a 50% non-refundable deposit on custom orders. This
covers my basic costs even if they walk, so I haven’t actually lost
anything even if I haven’t made money. and hopefully I can then
convert the piece into something someone else will buy, and then
make money.

I’ve never used the PayPal buttons myself… you can send an
invoice via PayPal rather than using the buttons if you are
anticipating an ongoing conversation anyway. then on that invoice
you clearly state “deposit” or whatever…

Good luck!
Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Jeff, I’m no help with your PayPal questions, but your work is VERY
cool. It’s great to see such original thinking.


Give PayPal a call - they can help you set up what you need. I use
’Buy now’ buttons but also send out invoices for payment.