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[BizTalk] Bussiness volume

Dear Friends: Is it merely my imagination, or is business actually
beginning to pick up? I have been dead in the water pretty much
since September, but this month actually seems pretty good! A couple
of good custom orders, and a some good walk-in sales as well have
put me back in the black. I find that the tourist traffic is just a
day’s car trip away, but a few Europeans are starting to turn up as
well! Even saw some Germans! What does everyone else have to say?
Susan Ronan, Coronado California, a place where summer is perfect.

Susan, My business is shows, Internet, and private sales. I have
been doing very well since last December. With the exception of Las
Vegas Show all my shows have been very good. Most of the customers
have been from the USA. I have noticed a strong down turn in
wholesales sales of over $500 facetted stones. My private sales and
cabochons have more than made up for the difference. Business has
been very good.

Gerry Galarneau