[BizTalk] An idea for helping with income

Each state is different, but most states have some sort of “artist
in schools” program. Here in South Carolina it is called an “Arts in
Education” program, and the state provides partial funds to school
systems to bring “approved” artists into the schools. I have been on
the “approved” roster for about 20 years now (not in jewelry - in
some of my other media), and have done week-long residencies all over
the state. They now let the artists set their own fees (when I
started the state set them - low!), plus a fee for supplies. I also
require that they provide me with housing, either in a home or by
paying for a motel room.

This has been, for me, a fairly steady source of pretty good income,
which then allows me to create what I want in my other time -
regardless of whether it sells. Each state has its own rules as to
who is “approved”, how you get “approved”, funding, etc. Might be
worth checking into if you are pretty good with kids and explaining
things and making it fun. I have really enjoyed it, and find that
the time with the kids really energizes me when I return to my

If your state has an arts commission, that would be the place to

Another idea is to connect with the local Girl or Boy Scouts,
Campfire, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. They are often looking for
someone to offer a class to help finish badge requirements, etc.
Usually don’t have lots of money, but it would be some income.
Birthday parties where kids can come in and make something, or you
take the supplies to the house, are also a possibility. Kids and
parents love this type of thing, and you set the price and provide
the supplies you have chosen.

Best wishes,