Biwa Pearl damage


Many years ago I purchased a ring with a large Biwa Pearl, the ring
didn’t fit quite and it at one time fell off. The pearl has a
slight shallow scratch about 2mm across the top. I have now taken
the pearl out and resized the ring. Is there anyone who can polish
the scratch out? I understand it is all nacre and I know as then
the sun hits the pearl it glows all around.

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A bit of platinum rouge on a soft bristle brush in your flex shaft
will do the job nicely. Especially the gesswein 8000 platinum rouge,
as it’s got just a little bit of ‘cut’ to it, but other rouge
compounds should work too, if for the harder metals. If the scratch
is deeper than that, try a bit of white diamond tripoli first, then
the rouge. pearl polishes out pretty easily.


It is sometimes possible to polish scratches out using a very soft
rubber wheel, then tripoli it with a felt buff and use rouge (or zam)
to finish it. Please note this doesn’t always work, but it will a lot
of the time. The luster may change a bit where the work has been

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You might have some luck polishing the scratch out yourself with a
little Zam. I have had very good luck in the past with it and it
just might work for you!

If it is deeper than what can be polished out, you will probably
have to live with the scratch, as I am not aware of any other method
of repair.

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA