Bionic Person

G’day to all my old (and young) Orchid mates; I’ve missed you!
They didn’t do the brain transplant job I really wanted - “That
was yesterday”, they said. Dang! I always miss out. So I now
have two lovely shiny bits of chrome-cobalt and some high density
polyethylene instead of the old knees - and nobody took me up on
the bone carving offer - don’t blame 'em really, I suppose.
Well, I have now sampled the services of two private hospitals
and the taxpayer-funded Public Hospital and I have to tell you
that there is absolutely no difference whatever between them in
the quality of the nursing services. I eventually even made
friends with the lady I always greeted as ‘President of the
Hospital Sadist Association’, or ‘Where’s your thumbscrews
today?’ or plain ‘Go away; I hate you!’ I sent her a pair of
sterling square-wire earrings in the shape of stylised birds with
a computer-generated card; “I’m home, all is forgiven. Well,
nearly all!” She is the physiotherapist of course. But for
anyone who might be contemplating total knee replacements,I offer
the advice; do think long and very, very hard about it - wait
until you can’t go on. When I get near the end of each 4 hours

  • I’m really needing my pain-killer fix! Anyway, I’m back to
    plague you lot with pontifications. I already have a couple in
    mind. So watch out! Cheers, (and I love you all)

     / /    John Burgess, 
    / /

    / //\ @John_Burgess2
    / / \
    / (___)

Sooo Nice To Have You Back. Pontificate away.


Welcome back John. Boy have we all missed you!!! Keep taking
those pain killers too - there is a reason for that. I tried to
come off of them too fast and they had to sit me down and have a
long talk about healing and staying relaxed - So every time you
take those pills, you are promoting healing and soon you will be
walking down the road again. Hope your wife fared as well as you
did. It is always harder on the one watching than the one doing.
Again, we are so glad to see you hail and hearty! Joan

Hi John, welcome back. Stay away from magnets and airport xray
machines. :wink: And keep posting to the Orchid List.


Welcome back John we missed you sage advise and humor. Glad to
hear you are well and that the nurses survived your stay.


John!! SO O O nice to have you back!! Realy miss not hearing you
on the site. I missed a week myself (trade show) and didn’t know
you were having an operation until it was mentioned on the site.
I didn’t know what the operation was for and was going to post a
message today to ask–then your message poped up!! SOOOO nice to
know your back and all is well. Del

hi john,

it sounds like an echo… welcome back welcome back welcome
back. glad to you back!

best regards,

geo fox

Dear, dear John,

Welcome back - so glad to see your sig graphic again. That good
old tongue-in-cheek humor is like a breath of fresh air from

Hopefully you’ll be feeling more the thing in short order.

Blessings and a prayer.

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