Binocular loupes and Microscopes

To all interested in teleloupes, Zeiss has a US rep named Vision
Advantage Inc 42-200 State Street Suite Suite a-10 Palm Desert, Calif.
92211 USA

They have several different styles from a couple of hundred dollars
to about $1350.00, depending on whether they are eyeglass mount or
headframe mount,with the fiber optic light system, etc. They will give
you a 30 day trial period also which I think is great. They have
different focal lengths and fields of view available. What I like
about them more than the Keelers, which are also nice, are that they
go up to 8X in power, which I think Skip Meister told me Keelers go up
to 4x, I think? This company will send a catalog with all of the
you could need to make an informed decision as to which
you want to try. I also have a pair of EMO from Wetzlar, Germany at
3.5X that work very nicely. I agree with what was said about the head
movement to focus and have had this discussion with other engravers
who perfer the microscopes, although I sometimes use a Russian
microscope also. There are some nice microscopes I have been looking
over at: People will say that chinese
microscopes are inferior and all, but I say have they ever heard of
ISO9001 certification? Make the best informed choice that you can with
the funds you have to work with and go from there.


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