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Billy Prendergast


There’s a lot of excellent work on display here, so hopefully there’s room for another gallery! I’m always trying to have fun with my work, for better or for worse. I can’t claim to be making any sort of deep social commentary or message–nor do I think I want to–just create pieces that can be enjoyed by the wearer and viewer.

“PULL DOWN” Buckle
Sterling silver, fire alarm lever

I had this lever for a while and knew that I wanted it to be a buckle but wasn’t really sure how to incorporate it. After trying to reinvent the wheel (again) I eventually figured out a relatively effective way of making the lever part of the function of the buckle. I’m thinking I may add a shorter loop on the left to make the lever necessary for the buckle’s function, but I may just be over doing things again. We shall see.




Thank you Seth! Definitely an interesting process getting this thing together.


Fossil Fuel
Copper, sterling silver, citrine, theropod vertebrae, magnets

Why? I thought it was funny. Made as a sort of reliquary, the oil drum holds a little sterling alter which in turn acts as a stand for the focal point. I wanted a way for the piece to be interactive and more than just a paper weight, so I made the center piece into a small brooch. It also made the displaying of the bone easier as well. How often does that happen?


Love this!



More pieces, a ring as well as a pair of cufflinks based on said ring. Actually the first pair of cufflinks I ever made. A gentleman saw the ring and was interested in identical cufflinks. Definitely an exercise in precision! The center spheres can spin in any direction, and the stone is set in a recessed tube setting to protect it from contacting the rim.

Swivel Ring
Dec/2016; remade Oct/2017 (remade ring pictured)
Sterling, topaz

Swivel Cufflinks
Sterling, topaz


“Dear Joseph” (letter opener)

A friend commissioned this piece earlier this year. He gave me some of his mother’s old diamonds to incorporate into a letter opener (she’s still with us by the way!). Fabricated from sheet, wasn’t sure if I wanted to forge it of not. That’d be pretty hefty since it’s around 8.5" long. Another learning piece for sure!

And photographing this was a huge pain…


Cool and dangerous.


Fabulous creativity - thank you for posting.



FULLY righteous! :+1:

Edited to add this response was to the fire alarm pull down belt buckle.

though truthfully ALL the work shown is wonderful!!