Big Thanks to Metalwerx and Other News

I just wanted to thank @LindsayM and the awesome folks at Metalwerx in Waltham, Massachusetts. Charles Lewton-Brain flew in from Canada to film a series of videos, that we will be releasing soon here exclusively on Orchid! @lewtonbrain So stay tuned for that. @RioGrande, @durston, and the amazing folks at Foredom literally shipped us thousands of dollars worth of tools to enable us to shoot several of the topics. Amazing.

In other news, I’ve been working with Matthew Durston (@durston) on a special offer for orchid members on his new rolling mill. I am going to launch that on March 1.


It’s our pleasure Seth and Charles!!! We’re so excited to see the videos!

What a wonderful tribute to making and sharing. Thank you Seth, Charles and Lindsay for continuing the legacy of Metalwerx. I’m very proud of this school, now in its 19th year of teaching excellence. Bravo all.

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