Big flame on Unecon torch

My name is Tina. I am new to silversmithing. I used to do beaded
jewelry, but tired of that. I wanted to make things that did not look
like I made them, so I started taking silversmithing classes. I have
set up a small shop in my basement. I want to start a small jewelry
business that will support my hobby. I have made a few things for my
mother. I have many questions and ideas.

My most pressing question is, as a gift my father bought me a Unecon
torch. We finally got the gas (propane) hooked up. It works, but the
flame seem a little big. I know there are some out there who are
using the Unecon torch. What gases are you using, what size nozzles
and tips, or anything I should know about this torch?

Thanks in advance,

We finally got the gas (propane) hooked up 

Please search the archives for some safety issues regarding propane
(AKA LP), especially when used in a basement.

Dan Wellman