Big Apple Orchid - NYC

Kenneth Singh has kindly volunteered to help get the Big Apple
Orchid meeting organized. We would like to know how many of you
would be interested in attending a meeting sometime during the
upcoming MJSA meeting in NYC, March 10 - 12, Sunday - Tuesday? We
have hopes that this could be the first of many, perhaps regular,
Big Apple Orchid meetings. Please let me know if you could attend
during that time. I know that this is short notice but we are
anxious to get the ball rolling, even if we start with a relatively
small number of people. I look forward to you reply. Please email me
directly at @Joel_Schwalb I look forward to your replies,
hopefully many. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Hi Joel I’m planning on going to the show in March and would love
to touch bases with everyone. Keep us updated. Tues. is good.
Thanks Helen in CT.

Dear all Orchidians Please count this Canadian Diamond Setter in for
an Orchid “get-to-gether” at the MJSA-NYC trade show. I’ll be at the
Eisinger display booth with a very large assortment of diamond
setting tools being sold by Foredom Tool Supply and Eisinger Tools. I
will also be presenting my one of many video-tapes on diamond
setting, the first tape will on “Grinding Gravers”. A 5.4% of the net
revenue will be going for a charity of my families choice, “Crohn’s
Disease”…“Gerry, the cyber-setter !” see your there,eh?

Hi Helen, I will add you to our growing list. We have a tentative
date of Monday, 3/11 after the show closes, which is 6 PM. I will
keep you posted about the details as soon as they are known. Joel

Joel Schwalb

I’m for this get together too. I’ll be at the Santa Fe Symposium
booth on Sunday (after 4:00). I’ll be presenting a 2:00 to 3:30 Gem
ID talk for MJSA on Sunday.

Arthur Skuratowicz NJA GJG (GIA)

Our Big Apple Orchid meeting is one week from tonight, Monday, March
11th. For all those of you who plan to attend, I need your check for
$30 per person. Please put it in the mail today. Kenneth Singh and I
have put this meeting together for the benefit of Orchidians. Now we
need your cooperation in the form of a payment so that final
arrangements can be made with Nino’s Restaurant. I hope to see many
of you there next Monday night. If you want to pay with a credit
card call me toll free at 888-566-8880. Please make your check
payabel to Joel Schwalb and mail it to Joel Schwalb Studio, PO Box
499, Nyack, NY 10960.


Joel Schwalb