Big Announcement from Metalwerx!

Ok, I hinted at something wonderful happening at Metalwerx.

Metalwerx is moving to a 3000 sq ft facility in Waltham, MA. And
here is the best part. I have a backer who is designing a custom
built school and community studios to my specifications. Metalwerx
will contain everything that I have ever wanted. Over the years I
have mentally logged all the ideas and suggestions that students have
discussed. So thank you to those who have taken a class or visited

We are building:

  1. A special sound insulated forming room complete with new stakes
    and hammers

  2. A complete library for “hanging out”, reading, lunches and
    gathering place

  3. An office for Karen!!!

  4. An office for Jesse, my assistant which is not shaped like a
    cheese wedge

  5. A complete centrifugal casting setup

  6. Complete ventilation and sinks for the school and the community

  7. An annexed private woodworking shop which I can use

  8. A real kitchen (tiny but real)

  9. 12 bench setups for studiomates (we may have some extra benches
    to rent)

  10. Plenty of free parking and access to busses and commuter rail

  11. Restaurants that are OPEN on Sundays!

  12. Continued special hotel rate with Sheraton Four Points for $65
    a night

  13. The owner of the building is an architect and a goldsmith!

We will be moving in the latter part of August. We are planning a
HUGE open house in October.

Thank you all for your help and support over the years. I will keep
you posted on updates as they come. Right now the building is being
gutted. It used to house a bundle of computers, so my “school” area
looks like spaghetti!

If you plan to attend the Orchid Dinner, I will have the plans with
me, so come find me a take a peek! I will also have the plans at my
booth at Catalog in Motion.

Best, -karen

Karen, I have been following your posts to Orchid. Congratulations,
this all sounds wonderful. I wish you all the best in the transition
to your new space. Joel

Joel Schwalb


It is truly wonderful that you have such an opportunity to create a
school/studio. You deserve a great big congratulations and a wish
that all goes well on the construction.

I have been teaching at the Boca Museum Art School now for just over
a year and thank my lucky stars that Susan Lewis did such a great job
designing our studio when they gutten and rebuilt the school. Like
you, she had lots of experience to fall back on and used her 11 years
at the school to get what she wanted while sidestepping the pitfalls.
I came by after all the hard stuff was done…!!

Your school sounds very similar in many ways. Good luck on this
venture…or is it an adventure? Would Chris Darway have been a
visitor to your school on occasion? Chris gave a two day work shop
at our school last week end and we had a great time. Cheers from Don
at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where the weather is just
beautiful and where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!

Wow! Big news indeed. Karen, you almost (I said almost) have me
wishing I was living on the east coast ;} Congratulations! Looking
forward to seeing the workshop schedule when you guys get moved in.

Mike Dibble
Black Horse Design

Thanks so much! My (ad)venture is really shaping up. I have been
blessed to receive technical advice from many of our instructors on
how to best utilize the space. Pauline Warg who teaches forging is
helping our forging room. Daniel Grandi is going to give the casting
area a tweak. You can’t go wrong with so many wonderful people
assisting you.

With regard to Chris Darway, he is a regular fixture at Metalwerx.
I have learned so much from his great advice and teaching skills. He
has an abundant heart and a bag chock full of great bench tips.


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