Bezels on curved surfaces


I am a simple solution artist.

So for curved surfaces, where I want an organic, growing out of
the surface look here’s what I do:

cutout bezel strip from suitable flat sheet, adjusting the width
to suit stone, design and curve of surface to which it will be

form bezel to fit stones and solder or fuse

using the stones itself or a mandrel of the same size diameter
but longer than the bezel

Place the stone/mandrel with the bezel on surrounding it in
place on the surface. with a burnisher or other suitable tool
force the bezel down around the stone/mandrel to conform to the
curved surface.

Fine silver is very easy to move other metals simply require
more patience.

Once the bezel is close to the curve a small amount of filing
and/or sand paper work will give a very close fitting joint.
clean, flux, solder or fuse…

Personally I appreciate the molecular synergy of fusing.

I find my thoughts are reflected/transferred into the metal in
the fusing process.

My way of saying some days the fusing works like a dream other
days its a nightmare, but the process is all ways interesting.

Using a saw, mizzy or files finish the bezel top edge to suit
the design.

When using transparent, translucent, interesting opaque or
faceted stones I cutout the back to allow more light energy play
and the surprise factor is cool, too. Incorporating the piercing
into a surprise design on the back… for god or whomever :>)

In gratitude for Orchid and Orchidians :>)


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