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Bezel slotting tool

I have seen a tool that helps you cut a series of slots along a bezel. I believe they are called crenellations. I can’t find the tool now that I want to. Can anyone help?…Rob

Hi Rob,

Pepe has a new item, BezelEase™ - Castellated Bezel Creator – Pepetools

Jim Brandvik has a couple of versions in his Etsy shop, BrandvikTools - Etsy



I found one of these by searching “bezel cutting tool” on Youtube. The video I found looks like a different tool from the one I saw in the past, so there may be more than one of these…you might have to search around a little there.

This is one from Pepe Tools. BezelEase™ - Castellated Bezel Creator – Pepetools

This was done with my bezel ease.

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Thanks all, I just couldn’t figure out what to call the tool that would result in a useful internet hit. I have made these bezels freehand many times using a separating disc with washers that control the depth. It is very tedious work and not always as accurate as I like. Hopefully one of these tools will solve this problem. Stay tuned…Rob

Nice ring by the way…Rob

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I use the castellated bezel tools from Jim Brandvik and love them. He sells them on Etsy under BrandvikTools.


I just went down a total rabbit hole by checking out Jim Brandvik’s Etsy site and then some YouTube videos, including @melissamuir using the tool he created. So freaking cool!