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Bezel setting with structure on front?

Hi again Everyone,

I would like to try and make a pendant similar to this one

Can someone please explain to a newbie how this is done? I just
can’t seem to get my head around how the stone is set with all of
the work on the front.


Can someone please explain to a newbie how this is done? 

bezel or prongs are on the back


If I were to make this piece I would back set the stone after doing
the front work. Just an idea


Lindyau- It was set from behind.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Hi, Linda,

In that particular photo, what looks like a stone might actually be
enamel that was added after all the metalwork was completed.

But given stones are in play –

What I’d do is create all the metalwork first, with the opening and
numerous wide push-down prongs on the back, then set the stone in
place from the opening in the back.

I’m guessing that another option – with stones of just the right
shape, and only a minimal amount of metal overlaying the front –
would be to edge the stone in from the front using whatever open
space is available, then work the bezel as usual.



I may be wrong but I think that the decorative work is on the back
of the stone.


Hi there,

Looks like wax carving. A setting has been created - probably with
an open back, the stone will have been put into place while the
detail is created on the front with wax. Then the stone is taken out
and the piece finished and cast… Once in metal, the stone would be
set from the back… This is one way that I know of that this setting
method is done.

Hope that helps. :0)

Hello Lindyau,

With many years of stained glass behind me…

The pendant you show really looks like copper foil around the edge
and copper or brass wire detail using low melting solder [think
plumbing solder].

Whole thing is plated when complete. Would be very simple to achieve
this look using those materials.

I suspect the price of this pendant would be extremely -reasonable-
given the current price of silver…another clue.

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