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Bezel setting flat stones

I would like to know if bezel setting a flat stone is any different
to how you would set a cabochon? If it is different how would I go
about it?



When I set flat, or buf-top cabochons the sides still have a small
bevel so a tight fitting bezel can hold them. I often also cut the
bezel just even with or a hair above the stone. Then with an agate
burnisher work the bezel and “pull” a tiny edge of metal over the
top corner of the stone.

If it is a stone with no bevel then there are many creative things to
try, such as cut the bezel wire with notches so that in essence you
have a series of prongs you can pull over the top.

Best wishes,

Linda, Over the years I have set many pieces of antique
ceramics…mostly very old Chinese material. This can be difficult
to set but there is a fairly easy solution. I create a very very
small (about 1/2 mm) bevel all along the top edge of the stone
(ceramic). Then gauge my bezel to the top of it is exactly the width
of the bevel and very even. When the bezel is put down you can hardly
notice that it covers a tiny edge of the stone. Try it.

Cheers from Don in SOFL