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Bezel set opal

Dear Daniel & Ive, I’m glad that you have very satisfied customers
who appreciate your bezel designed opal jewelry. More power to you.
Over the past 37 years I’ve had many customers bring in what they
thought were black opal jewelry for reforming, repair and resizing
and many of the bezel set pieces I had to refuse for they were
doublets made to look like black opal. Usually the customer had
bought it on an oversea trip and the price that they paid for should
have told them that it was not a true black, but there were a few
that had been taken in by paying black opal price… Those shrewed
"business" people even got into the boulder opal shenanigan by making
prong set opal jewelry with what looked like real boulder opal.
Knowing that the average person is aware of the straight demarcation
joint of a doublet, they created wavy joint (glue mixed with ground
up boulder) line that would even fool a jeweler. Thus the customer
is deceived by thinking that with the prongs nothing is being
concealed and it would be safe to buy. Yes, those shysters are
always one step ahead of us. Min Azama in Tokyo.

hello again min azama - umm, well, it appears we are at an impasse:
your first post questioned the use of bezels for setting opals
because of customer lack of trust; your last post described how
unscrupulous jewelers used a glue trick on doublets in prong settings
to fool customers into thinking they were black opals. it appears,
azama, that some customers will trust neither bezel nor prong
settings in your corner of the world. perhaps you should consider
selling cut opals to customers & letting them set them however they

i am fortunate in that my customers buy for the designs not the
material of which they’re comprised; as one repeat customer
explained, “oh, i have other jewelry with these stones, but nothing
like this; i’m not buying for investment, i’m paying for
uniqueness.” - AND this, i believe, is the crux of a lot of the ‘same
old, same old’, i see in some designs now: the piece is strictly a
big/mediocre/undistinguished stone surrounded by blah.

think people!

ps: a genuine orange (tree wood) stick, purchased in a pack at a drugstore,
is indispensable on the bench for loosening bezels, picking up solder,
removing ground metal or polishing compound from under fingernails, etc. -