Bezel on bezel construction

Hi to all you smart, smart Orchidians! I have a question regarding
the mechanics of this technique - is the lower stone drilled with a
small hole through which a wire, soldered to the upper bezel plate,
is threaded after the lower stone is set, and then riveted to the
lower bezel to complete a solid attachment? I just can’t believe
that any adhesive is involved unless perhaps one is using a very
small bezeled stone for the upper one. On a side note, thanks to
Swest for the generous Orchid dinner raffle donation - certainly got
my attention!!! The countdown to Tucson has started - only about
50 days to go!!! And, as always, many thanks in advance for the
help on my question. JoAnn Dean (who has recently discovered the 3M
diamond micron graded discs for my stone work - what a great
product!) Calabasas, CA